“Guardian Angels”

February 18, 2022

I created this account of a memory of an experience that happened when we lived in India for a writing project at Greencroft in June of 2021. It appeared in We Are More Than A Single Story. Greencroft Communities, 2021 edition, 57-58.   During a flight in India in 1998 from Kolkata to Chennai where […]

Strands of the Sacred

July 3, 2021

Having presented the C. Henry Smith Peace Lectures for Goshen (IN) and Bluffton (OH) colleges in 1988, I chose to publish the two lectures—“Strands of the Sacred” and “Strength, Struggle, and Solidarity.” Content emerged following my having been with ten women from the University of New Mexico on a Fulbright Scholarship/Study Tour titled “Women, the […]

Journal of Another Trip to and in India 2012: January 15 – March 2

March 15, 2021

We were with families of twenty students who have attended Goshen College during this trip in India. Their hospitality for meals or overnight & several days was most generous. Notably Manu Gour our main host & his mother Bimla (who we also knew when on staff at Kodaikanal International School in south India) provided next […]

Gurukul Lutheran Theological College & Research Institute, Chennai, TN, India, May – Dec. 1998

February 6, 2021

Journal of trip to Gurukul Theological & early weeks on location followed by Work Summary through November. See Introductory paragraph about journal writing with family trip to Kodaikanal International School, 1986 May 22 –Henry and Sarah took us to South Bend airport to board a bus going to Chicago airport. Upon J’s opening van’s back […]

KWI (Kodai Woodstock International) Trip 1990 – Lynda & Dorothy

As a KWI Board member, I was invited to visit the two international schools in India; glad to take Lynda, then a college student, along. May 17 – Left only five minutes late, after usual flourish. Glad J helped w tasks/errands during last couple hours. Drive to Chicago O’Hare ok; checked in British Airways, bought […]

Fulbright Study Tour: “Women, the Family, and Social Change in India”

  Tour with Women from the University of New Mexico, May 23 – June 29, 1988 See Introduction about Journal writing with the 1986 account, subheading Journals, category India. One woman linked with a University of New Mexico group that planned for a Fulbright Study Tour in India was advised, for medical reasons, not to […]

Journal — Headed toward Kodaikanal in South India

January 24, 2021

Starting December 21, 1985 through early January 1986 Introduction: John and I were first drawn to India when from 1962-65 we taught at Woodstock School (located in the northern Himalayan foothills). Other website posts of mine report from those years. Another journal entry will detail our extended, return trip from India to the U.S. during […]

Woodstock-Landour Photos

December 18, 2020

Expressive Himalayan foothills near Woodstock School in northern India Good Woodstock School staff friends Diana Biswas and Saroj Kapadia Hiking into the bazaar often ended with food at Kwality’s A dhudh wallah (milk carrier) met when hiking on Tehri Road Roti being baked in a tandoor Woodstock School staff friends the Alters and the Allisons […]

Recalling Details from the ‘60s in India

December 7, 2020

  Written August 2000 Also attached here is a letter sent to the 7th-8th grade girls in Woodstock School’s K-Wing dorm with whom I was “matron” in 1962-63. That message is followed by more recent photos of some of those dorm girls become women. If worldview is measurable, mine more than doubled between 1962 and […]

Memorable Train Travel in India

One main mode of travel in India is Railroads. Thousands of people travel them daily. Anecdotes come to mind regarding fellow passengers, peeling and eating fine oranges in December, rolled out sleeping bags on the upper berth. During our travels within India from 1962-65, we never booked air flights; they were too expensive. (Neither did […]