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Books by Dorothy Yoder Nyce (listed by date)

Decades of Feminist Writing, Self-published, Mishawaka: Duley Pr., 2020.

Mennonites Encounter Hinduism An Annotated Bibliography Self-published. Mishawaka: Duley Pr., 2015

(Compiler) “Talks” that Teach from Bessie King Yoder 1906-2008. Self-published. Nappanee: Evangel Pr., 2012.

Multifaith Musing: Essays and Exchanges. Self-published, Nappanee: Evangel Pr.,2010.

(ed.) Rooted and Branching: Women Worldwide. Goshen, IN: Self-published, 1998.

(ed. with Abraham P. Athyal.) Mission Today Challenges and Concerns. Chennai, India: Gurukul Lutheran Theological College, 1998. Including DYN chapter “Interreligious Dialogue: Our Privilege and Responsibility,” 89-105.

Jesus’ Clear Call to Justice. Scottdale, PA: Herald Pr., 1990.

Strength, Struggle and Solidarity: India’s Women. Goshen, IN: Goshen College Pinchpenny Pr., 1989.

Dialogues to Foster Interreligious Understanding. DMin. Thesis, Western Theological Seminary, Holland, MI, 1997.

(ed.) To See Each Other’s Good. Goshen, IN: Self-published, Typeset by Wordsworth, Newton, KS, 1996.

(ed.) Weaving Wisdom Sermons by Mennonite Women. South Bend: Womensage, Bowers Printing Service, Iowa City, IA, 1983.

(ed.) Which Way Women? Section Introductions and “Are Anabaptists Motherless?”122-29, Mennonite Central Committee Peace Section, Task Force on Women, Akron, PA, 1980.

Published Articles by Dorothy Yoder Nyce (listed alphabetically by title)

“A congregational grief team,” Gospel Herald, May 22, 1979, 411-12.

“Affirmation for Anita Hill,” The Mendicant, 1/1, 1991, 3.

“And So It Began: On Birthing An Organization,” [Review of beginnings of MCC Task Force on Women, 30 years later], The Conrad Grebel Review, 23/1, Winter 2005, 55-78.

“An experience in learning at Kodaikanal.” Christian Living, April 1988, 20-22.

Articles on Topics “Abortion” 1, “Head covering” 364-65, and “Gender Roles” 326-27 plus 10 individuals, former missionaries: in The Mennonite Encyclopedia Vol. 5, Cornelius J. Dyck and Dennis D. Martin, eds., Scottdale, PA: Herald Pr., 1990.

“A Woman’s Dogged Faith,” [Mk 7:24-30], Poiema, Western Theological Seminary student publication, Dec 1996, 16-24.

“Beyond Insecurity,” Goshen College Alumni Bulletin, July 1981, 3.

“Bible, Bishops, and Bombs,” during “Human Sexuality Emphasis Week” chapel talk, Goshen College -March 3, 1981, 6 pp. Also, MCC TF on Women offered this paper for sale with other women’s papers at Mennonite Church National Assembly, Bowling Green, OH, 7 pp.

“Broadening our understandings,” With, Apr 1987, 12-14.

“Caring for Young Victims of Interfaith Rancor,” Mission Focus Annual Review, vol. 8, 2000, 107-18.

“Childbearing: Biblical Perspectives,” in MCC Committee on Women’s Concerns ‘Report,’ 1984, 4 pp.

“CWC Turns 20,” Women’s Concerns Report # 109, MCC, July-Aug 1993, 1-3.

“Connected Centenarian A Profile of Rachel Weaver Kreider,” The Mennonite, May 2013, cover + 12-15.

“Factors to Consider in Studying Old Testament Women,” in Study Guide on Women, Herta Funk, ed., COE/General Conference Mennonite Church, Newton, KS: Faith & Life Pr., 1975, 16-22.

“Faithful and Pluralistic,” Cross Currents 53/2, Summer 2003, 214-30.

“Female Divine Figure within Several World Religions,” The Interreligious Dialogue., May 19, 2012, 31-37.

“Focus on the Child,” MCC Peace Section Task Force on Women in Church & Society Report # 28, Nov.-Dec. 1979, 1-2.

“For Lynda and Kent on your baptism,” The Mennonite, May 10, 1988, 195-97.

“Genesis 1-3: A Place to Begin,” MCC Women’s Concerns Report # 49, 1-3.

“Glimpses of Mennonite Engagement with Hindu Thought and Practice” Anabaptist Witness, vol 2/no 1, April 2015, 77-98.

“Grieving People,” The Journal of Pastoral Care, 36/1, 1982, 36-45.

“Henry Martyn’s Short Stint in India and Persia: Prior and Later Influences,” Mission Focus: Annual Review, 20, 2012, 170-88.

“Human Creation Accounts in Genesis 1-3,” Anabaptist Witness, 7/1, May 2020, 61-74.

“If one of us dies, I’ll go to Paris.” Vanguard, July/August/September 1979, 4-6.

“If Truth Be Told: Decades of Mennonite Feminism 1970s-‘90s,” in DYN Decades of Feminist Writing and forthcoming in Proclaiming the Good News: Mennonite Women’s Voices 1972-2006, Dorothy Nickel Friesen and Lois Barrett, eds.,2021

“If you keep silent at such a time as this . . .,” Signs of the Times, CPT, March 1991, 9.

“Interreligious Dialogue from Principle to Praxis,” Studies in Interreligious Dialogue, 8/1, 1998, 114-28.

“Is the Ice Melting Near You?” Dream Seeker Magazine., Michael King, ed., 6 pp.

“Jesus is our example, How to go? [to 1997 Mennonite World Conference, India] As learners.” The Mennonite, May 24, 1994, 10-11.

“Jonah’s Prophetic Case,” Gospel Herald, 83/12, 1990, 194-95.

“Leadership and Ordination Intertwined,” MCC Peace Section Task Force on Women in Church & Society, Report # 43, May-June 1982, 3-4.

“Letters from India – Memoir,” in Imported Breads Literature of Cultural Exchange, Phillip Sterling, ed., DuBois, PA: Mammoth Pr., 2003, 186-98. 1973.

“male and female he created them.” forum Mennonite Student Services, April 1973, 4.

“Mennonite women in India,” MCC Women’s Concerns Report # 148, Jan-Feb. 2000, 1-3. [+ issue editor]

“Miriam of Kathmandu,” Gospel Herald, Nov 11, 1986, 765-67.

“On Being a Biblical Feminist,” forum, March 1978, 2-3. Response Oct. 1978 from Barbara Frey

“On Claiming Sophia: Shek-Shak-Chi.” . .March 14, 2014, 2 pp.

“On Claiming Sophia: Within and Beyond our Jewish Heritage,” in All You Need is Love: Honoring the Diversity in Women’s Voices in Theology. Elkhart, IN Women in Leadership, MC USA, 2016, 95-104.

“On Redeeming Our Language,” In Search [MBM], 3/2 April 1985, 4-5.

“Partnership: Focus of Early Church Mission.” Mission Focus, 14/2, June 1986, 17-20.

“Partners in Parenting,” The Mennonite, Feb. 12, 1974, 98-99. Also appeared in MCC TF on Women folder of articles titled “Persons Becoming.” 2 pp.

(Co-writer Lynda Nyce) “Power and Authority in Mennonite Ecclesiology: A Feminist Perspective,” in Power, Authority and the Anabaptist Tradition, Benjamin W. Redekop and Calvin W. Redekop, eds., Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ. Pr., 2001, 155-73, 214-16.

“Prophet, widow, deacon, wife? Women in church vocations,” MCC Intercom, 15/3, March 1975, 2 pp.

“Readers Say,” [a full column about leadership] Gospel Herald, March 1, 1988, 155.

“Remembering God—Who Gave Us Birth,” Daughters of Sarah, 5/3, May/June, 5/3, 1979, 3-6.

“Response to Aruna Gnanadason,” Focus: Peace Theology in a Pluralistic World, The Conrad Grebel Review, Winter 1996, 99-104.

“Seeing is Believing.” Studies in Interreligious Dialogue, (about Henry Martyn Institute, Hyderabad, India) 14/2, 2004, 160-76.

“Sharing God’s Gift of Wholeness with Living Faiths: Biblical Examples,” Mission Focus Annual Review, vol. 15, 2007, 52-72.

“Strands of the Sacred” and “Indian Women Speak for Themselves” in Strength, Struggle & Solidarity: India’s Women, Goshen, IN: GC Pinchpenny Press, 7-24, 70-85.

“Strength, struggle and solidarity: India’s women.” WMSC Voice, July-August 1989, 10-11.

“Ten-Year Celebration of the Committee on Women’s Concerns,” MCC Report # 50, July-Aug 1983, 3-4.

“The Anabaptist Vision: Was it Visionary Enough for Women?” The Conrad Grebel Review, Fall 1994, 309-20.

“The interpretive intrigue—Genesis 1 to 3,” Gospel Herald, Oct. 4, 1983, 684-85.

“The World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh 1910—a Context for Review.” Mission Focus: Annual Review, vol. 18, 100-23.

“Training for life in the context of death,” Christian Living, May 1983, 11-14.

“Where are we in overseas mission?” Gospel Herald, June 2, 1987, 378-80.

‘Wisdom from gatherings of women – Readers Respond.” [about RE-Imagining Women’s Conference, Minneapolis 1993] Timbrel Nov./Dec. 1999, 6.

“Wisdom or Folly: Thoughts of Religious Superiority—A Review Essay,” of The Myth of Religious Superiority A Multifaith Exploration. Paul F. Knitter, ed., Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, 2005 in Mission Focus: Annual Review 2006, 211-30.

‘Women and Men at AMBS: On What is Our Future Founded?” The Window, 9/3, Feb. 1982, 1-3.

“Women: In God’s Plan and Man’s World: Part 1 “Male and Female (God) Created Them” Gospel Herald, Aug. 7, 1973, 606; Part 2 “The Fall and Fallenness” Aug. 14, 621—23; Part 3 “Freedom, Hope, Interdependence” Aug. 21 636-37. [ter omitted in printed title!]

“Women, the Church, and Wholeness,” WMSC Voice, Oct. 1975, 8-9, 14; also in MCC Women’s Activity Letter, Oct. 1975, 3 pp.

“Women publish the tidings,” Gospel Herald, Oct. 4, 1977, 740-41.

“Workers celebrate India mission centennial,” Timbrel, Nov./Dec. 2000, 8-9.

Book Reviews by Dorothy Yoder Nyce (alphabetical by author)

Balmer, Brice H. Meeting Our Multifaith Neighbors. Scottdale, PA: Herald Pr., 2006, Mennonite Quarterly Review, July 2007, 474-76.

Donders, Joseph G. Risen Life Healing a Broken World. NY: Orbis Pr., 1990. Mission Focus.

Goering, Gladys V. Women in Search of Mission. Mennonite Quarterly Review, 57/1, Jan. 1983, 74-75.

Lannstrom, Anna ed. Promise and Peril: The Paradox of Religion as Resource and Threat. The Conrad Grebel Review, Winter 2004, 109-11.

McFague, Sallie. Models of God in Religious Language, The Conrad Grebel Review, July 1984.

“Mennonite Board of Missions Annual Report—1983,” Mission Focus, 12/2, June 1984, 25-27.

For Mennonite Publishing House assorted review of books: Thomas John Carlisle, Eve and After: Old Testament Women in Portrait. Eerdmans, 1984, 15; Ann Giudici Fettner & William A. Check, The Truth about AIDS: Evolution of an Epidemic, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1984, 28; Matthew Fox. Original Blessing A primer in creation spirituality. Bear and Co., 1983, 30; Mark Juergensmeyer, Fighting with Gandhi: A Step-by-step Strategy for Resolving Everyday Conflicts, Harper, 1984, 11-12; Women and Worship: A Guide to Nonsexist Hymns, Prayer, and Liturgies. Harper, 1984, 27. Henry J. Schmidt, ed. Witnesses of a Third Way A Fresh Look at Evangelism

Olsen, Vic. Daktar II, Chicago: Moody Pr., Mission Focus 19/3, Sept 1991.

Rich, Elaine Sommers. Mennonite Women: A Story of God’s Faithfulness, 1683-1983, Mennonite Quarterly Review, 60/2, April 1986, 207-09.

Solle, Dorothee. Suffering Philadelphia: Fortress Pr., 1975, WMSC Voice, Aug 1978, 14.

Wiebe, Paul. Heirs and Joint Heirs Mission to Church among the Mennonite Brethren of Andhra Pradesh. Winnipeg, MB: Kindred Productions, 2010, 408 pp. & Peter Penner. Russians, North Americans, and Telugus: The Mennonite Brethren Mission in India 1885-1975. Hillsboro, KS: Kindred Productions, 1997, 413 pp. Mission Focus: Annual Review 19, 2011: 284-88. Reprinted in Mennonite Historian, 38/2, June 2012, 9-10.

Booklets, Collections of Articles, Projects and Workshops by Dorothy Yoder Nyce (listed by dates)

2016 – “Jesus, the Only Way or the Open Way? What a Dozen Asian Christians engaged with Religious Pluralism suggest and how Mennonites might face Conflicted Views that Follow” – Workshop at Global Mennonite Peacebuilding Conference & Festival, Conrad Grebel Univ., Ontario Canada

2015 – “Interfaith Issues Important for Global Mennonites and Brethren in Christ” – focus on Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism – Workshops for Mennonite World Conference: Global Youth Summit (Messiah College); Larger Adult Group (near Harrisburg, PA).

2014 – Calendar: Encounter World Religions. 63 personal photos with 2-pg IDs Gifted to 50 friends.

2012 – MC USA – Women in Leadership Project – several years. “How Feminists Work with Biblical Texts or Orientation to Engaging Biblical Interpretation.” 4.

2001 – Different Drummers [youth exchange] Victoria Solomon, illustrator: Worship Renewal Grant, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Grand Rapids, MI, Funded by Lilly Endowment, Inc., 36 pp. [Ecumenical project, distributed to churches in Goshen]

2001 – Toward Wholeness & Unity within Diversity Resources to Enable Ecumenical Thought & Worship. Goshen, IN: Worship Renewal Grant, Funded by Lilly Endowment Inc, 33 pp. [Ecumenical project, distributed to Goshen churches]

2/2001 – 6/2001 – ed. of all articles, plus writer of two; series for GLBT support: Welcome to Dialogue Series – #1 “Sharing Personal Convictions’’ #2 “Historical Perspectives:’ #3 “Discerning Church Membership”’ #4“On Biblical Interpretation”; #5 “Biological and Psychological Perspectives; #6“Discerning Church Membership Part II.” Goshen, IN: Economy Offset Printers; Series Production & Distribution Manager Ruth Conrad Liechty.

1999 – Created two videos, incorporating personal slides with extensive, original video-taping: titled “Holy Respect, No Less” 30 min, (1997 credit for one DMin course) and “India Kaleidoscope” 45min. [Technical assistance Paul Householder, Goshen College].

1997 – “Dialogues – Encountering India, Interreligious Issues and Viewpoints” a DMin Project sent to numerous people planning to attend Mennonite World Conference, Calcutta, India in January1974.

1988 – Created video titled “Women of Strength: Ancient and Modern” based on Proverbs 31 text assisted by six women with their slides from experience in different countries; script written by DYN and read by Rachel S. Fisher.

1986 – “Naomi and Ruth: from Death to Life.” Script for Musical, Composer Peggy Jenks. Saw through production with Middle School students at Kodaikanal International School, India; also enabled its use in worship at Assembly Mennonite Church, Campus Cluster, Goshen.

1983 – Mennonite Women’s Calendar 1984-1986. Notre Dame, IN: Womensage. [among others, assisted Project Coordinators Christine Kaufmann and Priscilla Stuckey Kauffman]

1981 – Trilogy to honor my parents: “Herman M. and Bessie King Yoder A Story of their Married Life,” Occasion: 50th Wedding Anniversary, Aug 4, 1981, 52 pp.
“Bessie King Yoder 90th Birthday—July 27, 1996.” (excerpts from her diaries) 68 pp.
Compiler & ed. “Bessie Lucile King (Yoder) Kansas Years 1906-1931.” 2001. 80 pp.

1980 – (ed.) “Death and Dying” Packet of 34 articles; writer of Introductions, Bibliographies and two articles; project done for Mennonite Board of Congregational Ministries, Elkhart, IN.

1977 – “Talking with a woman . . . can this be the Christ?” One-act drama on John 4:7-30 [31-34] the Samaritan Woman at Jacob’s Well. For seminary Independent Study with Prof. Orlando Schmidt.
Organized and saw through memorized production of drama for morning worship at College Mennonite Church June 1, 1975.
Created stanzas 2-5 for song “Come, Drink of the Water” by Stanley K. Engle (writer of vs. 1); published in Go and Tell by Peggy & Orval Harris & Mary Hawkes, Philadelphia: The Geneva Press, 1977, p 31.

1974 – (ed.) “Persons Becoming.” Packet of 32 articles, including “An Examination of Scriptures—In Process,” Mennonite Central Committee Women’s Task Force, Akron, PA.

1974 – “Male-Female Interdependence” Workshop, Center for Discipleship, Goshen College, Oct. 4-6.

1974 – “G.C. Faculty – Some Facts & Observations.” [about women] Source: Directory of Faculty & Staff 1973-74, chart & comments, 2 pp

Research Papers or Lectures by Dorothy Yoder Nyce [some appear in Decades of Feminist Writing]

New Perspectives on Faith Lectures, Goshen, IN
“To know one religion is to know none.” (quoting Max Mueller) 2009
“Paradox of World Religions: Conflict and Peacebuilding.” 2011
“Feminist Theology: How the Past Shapes the Future” [presented with Judith Davis] 2013