Pentecost Song

Hymn: Large crowds assembled in one place – based on Acts 2: 1-18
To be sung with Tallis’ Canon
Words by Dorothy Yoder Nyce


Large crowds as-sem-bled in one place,
felt Spir-it wind con-sume their space.
As tongues of fire split over each,
the Ho-ly prompt-ed all to preach.

That crowd, a-mazed, drew neigh-bors near,

to check on lang-uage, strange but clear.

How can this be?  Who deems to know

why each with others’ tongues bestowed?

The Medes and those from Lib-ya far

could not con-tain their yen to spar.

Are these not still from Gal-i-lee?

What does this mean?  Is wine a key?

But proph-ets keen had long since told

that sons and daugh-ters, young and old,

would dream and sa-cred vi-sions see,

when God as Spirit poured forth–free.

So, may all we who fol-low Christ

speak with new warmth, in Truth u-nite.

En-light-ened by Div-ine em-brace,

caught up like wind, made one by grace.