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Experiments in Love An Anabaptist Theology of Risk-Taking in Mission

April 13, 2023

Experiments in Love An Anabaptist Theology of Risk-Taking in Mission. By Emily Ralph Servant. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications. American Society of Missiology Monograph Series 49. 2021 This book was reviewed for the Mennonite Quarterly Review, July 2022, pp. 468-70. Originally written for a doctoral dissertation, Experiments in Love by Emily Ralph Servant expresses concern that […]

Two Reviews about Mennonite Women

November 12, 2020

Mennonite Women: A Story of God’s Faithfulness 1683-1983 by Elaine Summers Rich, 1983 and Women in Search of Mission by Gladys V. Goering, 1980. These reviews appeared in Mennonite Quarterly Review, Rich’s in vol. 60/2 April 1986, 207-09, and Goering’s in 57/1 January 1983, 74-75 and appear here with permission. Three threads recur in Gladys […]

Review of Meeting Our Multifaith Neighbors by Brice H. Balmer

This appeared in Mennonite Quarterly Review July 2007, 474-76. and appears here with permission.  Published by Herald Pr., Scottdale, PA, 2006. Brice Balmer’s book title anticipates content. To meet distinguishes the approach from academic study or lecture alone. People gather for exchange of distinct or similar experience—religious practice and thought—that matter to each participant. Multifaith […]

Promise and Peril: The Paradox of Religion as Resource and Threat, Anna Lannstrom, ed.

October 21, 2020

University of Notre Dame Pr., 2003 This review was originally published in The Conrad Grebel Review, 22/1 (Winter, 2004) 109-11 and appears here with the publisher’s permission. Promise and Peril: The Paradox of Religion as Resource and Threat, edited and introduced by Anna Lannstrom, is an eclectic collection of seven essays. These lectures were initially […]

Review of Books by MB Paul Wiebe and Peter Penner

October 19, 2020

Paul Wiebe’s Heirs and Joint Heirs Mission to Church among the Mennonite Brethren of Andhra Pradesh. 2010 and Peter Penner’s Russians, North Americans, and Telugus The Mennonite Brethren Mission in India 1885-1975. 1997 For Mission Focus Annual Review – November 2011; reprinted in M.B. Mennonite Historian, June 2012. Appears here with permission This review engages […]

Growing Up with God and Empire, A Postcolonial Analysis of ‘Missionary Kid’ Memoirs, by Stephanie Vandrick

Stephanie Vandrick is Professor of Rhetoric and Language at the University of San Francisco, Review forthcoming in Anabaptist Witness Vandrick offers perspective from a distinct minority group. Herself a daughter of a close-knit missionary doctor’s family in India for ten years (when ages 2-7 and 10-15), Vandrick highlights adult writing by 42 individuals who were […]

The Myth of Religious Superiority A Multifaith Exploration by Paul F. Knitter, ed. – A Review Essay

October 16, 2020

Wisdom or Folly: Thoughts of Religious Superiority.  Initially published in Mission Focus Annual Review vol. 14, 2006, 211-30; appears here with permission. Introduction How will religions move toward greater good-will? Due to discontent between living faiths, our world is less secure. To value a particular religious tradition is in itself worthy, a basic human right. […]

Response to Paul Knitter’s Introducing Theologies of Religions

October 6, 2020

Knitter, Paul. Introducing Theologies of Religions, Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2002. A Response by DMin student Dorothy Yoder Nyce, September 2004 A short response does not do justice to the extensive content of this useful resource. Knitter’s depth of engagement with the issues and writers of theologies of religions soon reveals itself. Not immune to […]

Why I Am A Believer (Review) Arvind Sharma, ed.

September 20, 2020

Arvind Sharma, ed. Why I Am a Believer Personal Reflections on Nine World Religions,A Review,      New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2009, 378 pp. The strength of this book, edited by noted informant of diverse religions Arvind Sharma, is that people loyal to religions creatively explain why their religion matters to them. Writers make clear […]