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A Shutter Opens to Hindu Goddesses

October 28, 2020

One outcome of a developed love for India spanning over multiple decades was my writing imaginary dialogues between people of living faiths, for a Doctor of Ministry degree completed in 1997. Themes, settings, and speakers vary, but the strong goal of increased respect and understanding emerges. Particularly intrigued by Hindu complexity, I excerpt and adapt […]

Strengthened Faith; Why Dialogues for a Study of Interreligious Questions

October 25, 2020

The encounter of religions “is today one of the most profound human problems.” – Raimundo Panikkar Questions occur. Is religious faith so personal that only the individual deserves to express or scrutinize it? What will induce increased understanding of and respect among people who possess different religious faith loyalties? This article presents primarily the introductory […]

Wisdom from the East

October 21, 2020

This dialogue engages two Christian women, one from India and the other a North American visitor/tourist—in India for an international conference on ecology. Indian: Welcome! I’m glad you’ve come to India. American: Thanks. There’s so much to observe here; I must miss a lot. Indian: No doubt. You’ll alert me to common details that I […]

Crossing Cultures through Drums, Drama or Dance

[Several segments told here also appear in the India section of Web under “Culture.”] People often cross cultures, at times resulting in severe shock, on other occasions without notice. Crowds might gather for a local Diversity Day. An event to celebrate distinctions of culture, Diversity Day in hometown Goshen provides opportunity to try a new […]

Christianity in India: A Twenty-minute Glimpse into Twenty Centuries

This imaginary conversation brings together two Indian Christians, one a young member of a more sectarian Mennonite group and one a retired economics professor who belongs to the Church of South India. Formed in 1947, CSI combined Anglicans, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Methodists of India’s four southern states. The sectarian, feeling restless with limits of her […]

Asherah of the Hebrew Bible: Story of a Divine Pair Revoked

October 5, 2020

Christians do not often seriously discuss Asherah. Therefore, a more extensive introduction precedes the dialogue here. Insight into the phenomenon of a deity pair within the Israelite heritage enriches efforts to name and understand the One God. Jews, Muslims, and Christians strongly endorse monotheism, each with distinct emphases and results. Hindus also believe in one […]

Dialogue about Water

September 23, 2020

Water, an element common to religions Upon arrival in India in 1962, I was taught the Hindi word for water—pani. Not only concerned about water generally, the Indian taught me peena ka pani, which means boiled water. For physical survival, a person needs water that is safe to drink. For spiritual well being, the imagery […]

“Splitting Differences” – A One-act Play

A Possible Expression of Hindu-Muslim Conflict Characters: Arvind, Raffat, Tom, Bailey, Harris (pronounced Ha-rish), Shaku, Ellen Setting: Arvind, Raffat, Tom, and Bailey have settled into their space in a university dormitory suite in the United States. Arvind, a Hindu from south India, and Raffat, a Muslim from New Delhi, each unpacked two suitcases, including some […]