Introduction: Decades of Feminist Writing

November 2, 2021

This article was initially intended to introduce my 2020 self-published book Decades of Feminist Writing. It highlights what appears in that resource along with some further explanation. Thanks for looking into this resource that shares something of my journey. Originally from a rural community (town of Kalona with about 1200 people) in southeastern Iowa, I […]

Power and Authority in Mennonite Ecclesiology: A Feminist Perspective

January 13, 2021

  This content written by a daughter/mother pair, by Lynda Nyce and Dorothy Yoder Nyce, first appeared as chapter 8 in Power, Authority, and the Anabaptist Tradition, edited by a son-father pair Benjamin W. Redekop and Calvin W. Redekop, Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001, pp 155-173, 214-216. It is reprinted here with permission […]

“Women publish the tidings”

December 8, 2020

This article was published in the Gospel Herald in October 4, 1977, pp. 740-41 and appears here with permission. It is an excerpt of my address given to Office ’77, a conference for non-administrative staff of Mennonite institutions held at Akron, PA in June1977. There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus intended that […]

Exploring the Psychological History of Women: via Focus on Exclusion

November 12, 2020

Independent Study with Prof. Bessie Chambers, Episcopal Divinity School January 1977. Among the factors that led me to begin researching the idea of exclusion within women’s history were hunches that needed verification. For example, the non-involvement of women reinforces male control and vice versa. Men and women should be more honest in acknowledging what is […]

Women, the Church, and Wholeness

This speech or article has had different titles. At first in January of 1975 when titled “Women in Church Vocations, Institutions, Structures” it was presented at the annual meeting of Mennonite Central Committee. As a result of that talk, the Executive Committee took action to form an Advisory Committee on Women of MCC, of which […]

Two Reviews about Mennonite Women

Mennonite Women: A Story of God’s Faithfulness 1683-1983 by Elaine Summers Rich, 1983 and Women in Search of Mission by Gladys V. Goering, 1980. These reviews appeared in Mennonite Quarterly Review, Rich’s in vol. 60/2 April 1986, 207-09, and Goering’s in 57/1 January 1983, 74-75 and appear here with permission. Three threads recur in Gladys […]

Issues Related to Language for God

October 29, 2020

This paper (minus the Appendix listing) appeared in Decades of Feminist Writing, a self-published book by DYN in 2020, 224-41. This paper was first written in 1980 when enrolled in a seminary theology course titled “God and Revelation/Contemporary Theology.” The course professor, Marlin Miller, President of Mennonite Biblical Seminary, welcomed this personal expression of theologizing. […]

’If Truth be Told’ – Decades of Mennonite Feminism 1970s-‘90s

October 28, 2020

Personal story requested for upcoming book Proclaiming the Good News: Mennonite Women’s Voices 1972-2006; Dorothy Nickel Friesen and Lois Barrett, eds. Article appeared in Decades of Feminist Writing, self-published by DYN 2020, 206-23 Introduction My mother Bessie King Yoder transferred her Kansas roots, a grad of Hesston College, to Iowa in 1931. There she gave […]

Leadership: How Enable Its Re-vision

October 25, 2020

This chapter appears in Decades of Feminist Writing, DYN self-published, 2020 Ever since observing my parents together decide about business purchases, experiencing pastors who either welcomed or were threatened by members’ strong gifts, or working with committees manipulated or sensitively moved through an agenda, a concept of leadership has been emerging for me. What causes […]

The Climate for Women in Early Anabaptism

October 21, 2020

Written for seminary course “The Role and Image of Women in the Reformations.” This paper appears in Decades of Feminist Writing, DYN self-published, 2020 Being a Mennonite with life-long connection to Anabaptist history, I chose, when living for one year (1976-77) in Cambridge, MA, to take a Reformation course with an Episcopalian woman professor at […]