Journal – to Grenoble, France & England (Sept. 9-30, 2009) & to France and Scotland (April 7-29, 2010)

March 11, 2021

Daughter Lynda, husband J-D, with son John-Paul lived in Grenoble, France for a year, so we were grateful to visit them twice for a week before spending another week in several European locations. Cousin Bonnie took us to the South Bend airport, from where we went by bus to O’Hare in Chicago. On a KLM […]

Mother’s Yen for Hospitality

November 16, 2020

Starting with her first public speech, Bessie King (Yoder) gave credit to hospitality. From her own parents she had grown familiar with having guest meals. Being the youngest of nine children whose births spread over twenty years, her immediate family itself posed an engaging kin group around a table. That the Kings lived a mile […]

Hospitality with Goshen College Alumni from India

October 19, 2020

Written for GC Alumni Bulletin; not published We (John D. Nyce, GC ‘59 and Dorothy Yoder Nyce GC ’60, long and short-time faculty respectively) could not have known a finer host that Manu Gour (GC ‘98) for our five stays near Delhi during our seven-week trip to India in 2012. This return to India marked […]


October 12, 2020

The family together for a meal. A group of College students enjoying a curry meal. Chicken curry with dal, veggies and of course rice. More College students from Asia finishing a meal with fresh fruit John checks the serving table for a College grad reception. Vegetable soup in jars for winter meals. Woodstock School (India) […]

Training for Life in the Context of Death

This article first appeared in Christian Living, May 1983, 11-14 and Appears here with Permission I was born the year that my father attended mortician school. For both that fact and Daddy’s choice of profession I am grateful. For neither do I apologize. Why, when many persons are predominately negative toward funeral directors, do I […]

Autobiography for Dorothy

October 8, 2020

I was born in a funeral home! My parents—Herman M. and Bessie King Yoder of rural, Kalona, Iowa—effectively met the public of a small town through a modest funeral business. They modeled ministry to people in need; our living room informally became public space. They both were graduated from a two-year college in Hesston, Kansas. […]